Welterbestätten und die Einbeziehung städtischer/regionaler Planung beim Umgang mit dem Industriedenkmal

Heike Oevermann

Systematization of good practice: eight criteria Bildurheberrechte: Oevermann & Mieg, 2017

Zollverein has undergone a process of transformation over almost 30 years and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. It is acknowledged as a complete infrastructure in coal mining, providing evidence of the 150-year evolution and decline of this essential industry in the Ruhr region. Zollverein has played a pioneering role in setting standards for industrial heritage management from a regional, national, and international point of view; but what are the criteria for identifying good practice in heritage management?

Der Beitrag ist ursprünglich erschienen in TICCIH Bulletin No. 78, 4th Quarter 2017, Seite 12 ff.

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Heritage conservation and urban development: Zollverein Industrial Complex